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How to Set Up Your Initial TechSmith Relay Password

TechSmith Relay is the lecture capture system used by Athens State University.  Upon initial setup, you will need to create a password using the following steps.  Although Blackboard and TechSmith Relay integrate with each other, it is still suggested that you complete this process as TechSmith Relay allows additional features that are not available in the Blackboard Integration.

Note: You will only need to complete the below process on your initial setup of TechSmith Relay.  Once your password is created, you only need to complete the below steps if you forget your password.

Step 1: Go to and click the “Sign In” button.  (image below)


Step 2: Enter your Athens State Email account and click the “Next” button.  (image below)

NOTE:  It is STRONGLY recommended you click the "Don't Remember Me" option - especially if you are logging into a shared or public computer.  The system will keep you logged in for up to a year unless you select the option noted by the arrow below.


Step 3: Click the “Having Trouble?” link.  (image below)


Step 4: Select the “I forgot my password” option.  Then enter your Athens State Email address and click the “Send” button.  (image below)


Step 5: Once you have received the confirmation notice, check your Athens State Email for the password reset link.  (image below)


Step 6: Once you receive the email, click the “Reset Password” link.  This will take you to a TechSmith page where you can set your password.  (image below)


Step 7: Create a password for TechSmith Relay and click "Change Password".  This will be the password you use when accessing the TechSmith Relay site directly.  (image below)

NOTE: For ease of remembering in the future, we recommend that you use one of your Athens State University passwords when setting up this password.


Step 8: Once the confirmation page appears, click the “Continue” button.  (image below)


Step 9: When your profile page pulls up, you password has been successfully set.  At this point, you are in TechSmith’s main system, NOT the Athens State instance.  Close your Internet Browser and relaunch the browser.  (image below)



NOTE:  From this point on, you will use these instructions to access the Athens State Relay site in the future.


Step 1: Go to and click the “Sign In” button.  (image below)


Step 2: If you are not automatically logged in, enter your Athens State Email account and click the “Next” button.  (image below)


Step 3: Enter the password you created and click the “Sign In” button.  (image below)


Step 4: This should take you to the Athens State Relay homepage with your account appearing.


At this point, you have accessed the system and are ready to begin managing your recordings.  Be sure to keep track of your password for future logins to the TechSmith site.

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    Ronald Fritze

    I got a little lost but recovered and finished successfully. At least, I think I finished successfully.