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Tegrity: I am receiving error code 302 when I try to open Tegrity from within LockDown Browser

Due to the nature of the Respondus LockDown Browser exam software, you cannot launch Tegrity from within LockDown Browser. Below is the correct sequence of steps you must go through in order to get both Tegrity and LockDown Browser open for your proctored exam.

(Note: These instructions assume that you have previously installed Respondus LockDown Browser prior to taking your Tegrity Proctored exam.  Click here if you have not already performed this step before proceeding below).

  1. With your normal internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.), open Blackboard Learn and click on the "Tegrity Classes" link in your course menu.
  2. Click the Start a Test button, and follow the on-screen directions in order to bring up the Tegrity recorder. (If this is your first time to use the Tegrity recorder, it will install itself on your system.)
  3. While the Tegrity recorder is still open, close your normal internet browser behind the Tegrity recorder window.
  4. Click the record button in Tegrity to begin the recording process of your exam.
  5. Launch Respondus LockDown Browser by clicking on the desktop icon on your computer's desktop, and proceed to take your exam.
  6. After you have finished and submitted your exam, close Respondus LockDown Browser.
  7. Click the Stop button on the Tegrity recorder located in the system tray on your computer.
  8. Allow your exam to upload to the Tegrity server.  This could take several hours, so do not close your laptop or turn off your computer. Keep your computer connected to the internet until the exam has finished uploading. Confirm your exam's upload by checking the Tegrity upload queue (click here for PC, or here for Mac).


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