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Attendance Tracking: Traditional / Hybrid / Blended Courses

This article assumes that you have already completed the steps to log into the Faculty Attendance Tracker.  If you have not logged into the tracker, please follow the steps found at the article titled Attendance Tracking for Faculty.


Traditional / Hybrid / Blended Courses automatically populated expected attendance times from Banner.  Therefore, you can tell which courses fit this format by looking at the "Schedule" column in your course list.  If any of the days of the week are highlighted in blue, then it is either a traditional, hybrid, or blended course (see the image below).


If a course does not have any days highlighted blue, you are dealing with a Distance Learning Course and need to follow the directions located here.

Once you have confirmed that you are taking roll in a Traditional / Hybrid / Blended Course, follow the below directions to complete attendance tracking for the course:

  1. Click on the "Take Roll" button associated with the course (see image below)

  2. Locate a student which you want to confirm has attended class.  Select the circle associated with the student (see image below)

    NOTE:  For attendance tracking purposes, it does not matter which day you mark a student as attending as long as they are marked attending at least once in the course.

  3. Upon clicking the empty circle, a green check mark should appear along with a confirmation message (see image below).  If this does, the student has been successfully marked as attending.

    NOTE: If you accidentally mark a student as attending who has not shown up to class, simply click the green check mark again to remove it.  If the green check mark is not in the circle, then the student is counted as absent.

  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each student.

    NOTE: Some classes may have students that appear on more than one page. Locating these students can done by clicking through the various pages at the bottom left hand side of the screen (see image below).

  5. Once you have marked attendance for all students, click on the "Class" drop down menu located next to the date (see Step 1 on the image below).  Then, click "Update CRN Last Date Attended" (see Step 2 on the image below).  If you get a confirmation message to pop-up, then attendance has been saved correctly.

  6. Once completed with the attendance for one course, click on the back arrow (see image below) and repeat Steps 1-5 for each course.

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