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Tegrity: Locating and storing Tegrity recordings from previous semesters

Tegrity may store videos from previous semesters depending on our allotted storage space based on our Tegrity contract.  Videos ARE NOT held indefinitely and previous semesters must be permanently purged at various points in order for the university to remain within its contractual limits.  Any videos that are desired to be held for future semesters should be moved to a current semester or into the instructor's Sandbox course.  All available videos (from both current and past semesters) can be located by following the instructions listed below:

  1. Login to Blackboard and enter any available course.  From the course's main navigation menu, click on Tegrity Classes to enter Tegrity.

  2. To locate your available Tegrity recordings on the server from pastand current semesters, click on the Courses link within any Tegrity course as shown below:

  3. From there, you can navigate to any other Tegrity course which hasn't been purged from the server yet.  Simply click on the course name to enter the course and view any available videos:

  4. Finally, once you are able to view the videos, you can follow the steps for Copying / Moving Tegrity Videos (Start at Step 3) in order to store your videos for future semesters.  Remember, any videos that you want to save for an extended period of time should be moved to your Course Sandbox.
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