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Tegrity: How do I remove and reinstall the Tegrity recorder?

How to cleanly remove and reinstall the Tegrity Recorder.

To remove Tegrity Recorder from your Windows PC cleanly:

  • Make sure that you have Administrative rights to the local PC.
  • Disable User Access Control (UAC) on the computer. (See HERE)
  • Go to Control Panel  >  Program and Features. Select and remove all Tegrity components as shown below.

If Tegrity was installed using the package builder (See HERE) please remove all other Tegrity components as well.

  • Reboot the PC after all components are removed.
  • After startup Login back into the PC and remove the following:

‘Tegrity’ folder inside C:\Windows\Temp\
‘Tegrity’ folder inside C:\Program Files (x86)\

  • Go to C:\Programdata\Tegrity.  If you do not see the folder; Go to ‘Computer’ from the Start Menu or Desktop.
  • In the Address bar at the top and type:  ‘C:\Programdata\Tegrity’ and press Enter.

  • Copy the ‘recordings’ folder to another location. (ex. Desktop)
  • Go back and delete the Tegrity folder inside C:\Programdata\.

Reinstall Tegrity Recorder

Go to and login to your Tegrity Web site.  This can be through your Campus LMS or direct to the Site itself.

  • Login with an instructor/student account or the Tegrity Administrator account.
  • If using an Instructor/student account:  Click ‘Start a Recording’ to begin installation of the Tegrity Recorder.
  • If using a Tegrity Administrator account:  Click ‘Install Recorder’ from the Admin Dashboard to begin the installation.
  • Once the installer has finished; go back and copy the ‘recordings’ folder you moved/copied in the Uninstall steps back to the C:\Programdata\ folder.
  • Make a small recording (30 second or less) to enable the Tegrity Tray icon in the system tray.


  • Once the install is completed you may re-enable (UAC) to the computer.
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