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Tegrity: Start Up Guide

This guide is designed to help you record a basic course lecture using the Tegrity lecture capture system. This system is designed for one-way communication and can help create lectures, supplemental material, and any additional content that is to be viewed and assimilated by a student.

Step 1: Login to Blackboard and select the course you which to record a class in.

Step 2: Click on the Tools link in the left hand navigation. (See picture below)



Step 3: Click on the Tegrity Classes link in the left hand navigation. (See picture below)

NOTE: A new window should pop up. If it doesn't, make sure your browser's Pop-up blocker is turned OFF.

Step 4: Close the pop-up box titled "Tegrity what's New" if displayed.

Step 5: Double check to make sure you are in the correct course. Once you are in the correct course, click the button titled "Start Recording" (See picture below)

NOTE: If you are not in the correct class and need instructions on navigating, view the appendix at the end of this document.


Step 6: Make sure the correct course is selected in the pull-down menu labeled "Course." Then select a title for your recording.

NOTE: Your videos can be listed by alphabetical title. Therefore, it is suggested that rather than name your lectures Using a Ledger or Cognitive Learning Styles, you name them with an ordered structure such as Lecture 1: Using a Ledger, Segment 1a: Cognitive Learning Styles Part 1, or Video 1b: Cognitive Learning Styles Part ll. This will make your lecture video easier to locate for you and your students in the future.

Step 7: Select an image to serve as your picture during the presentation. Although you can record yourself using a webcam, it is recommended for beginners to use a static image. Check to make sure your audio device is working (the green bar should be moving up and down). You can use the "Test Audio" button to hear what you presentation will sound like. for now, ignore the "Settings" button. (See Picture Below)

NOTE: If your audio is not working properly, view the appendix at the end of the document for troubleshooting suggestions.

Step 8: Once everything is set correctly, click the button titled "Record a Class"

Step 9: A box will appear showing you where the Tegrity tool bar will be located.

Step 10: Once recording begins, you should see a Tegrity Tool Bar on the screen. (See Picture above)

NOTE: For description of the Tool Bar, view the appendix at the end of this document for trouble shooting suggestions.

Step 11:  When you have finished your recording, press the "Stop" button on the Tegrity Tool Bar. This will open a window that asks you to select Upload. Preview will show the recording and Delete will delete the recording. Select the appreciate options and click Yes.

Step 12: If you choose to upload your recording, DO NOT shut off your computer or close your laptop while the recording is uploading. This will cause your video to not be uploaded. Check the task bar icon to determine if your Tegrity recording has been successfully uploaded.

Step 13: It is recommended that you double check to make sure uploading is complete. To do this, view your recorded lectures in your Tegrity class screen. The newest lectures should appear at the top of the screen.

NOTE: If you see the words "Network Fault" under the Status column, contact the Tegrity system administrator, Steve Clark at

Step: 14 To view your recording, click on the title of the recording. From there, you may see multiple segments under the title. These are various segments that Tegrity divided your videos into. Click on any segments to begin viewing your recordings.

NOTE: You can click on any segment viewing. However, each segment will pull up the entire recording. In the timeline bar, you will see a marking indication where the "Bookmark" breaks are located.

Start up guide: Appendix

Audio Setup Troubleshooting:

Tip 1:

If you are using a headset and the audio does not appear to be working, double check to make sure you headset does not have a power button or and On/Off switch. If it does, makes sure the headset is turned on. In addition, if your headset has a function to allow for volume control, attempt to adjust the volume using the headset's volume control.


If you are using a headset, and the audio does not appear to be working and Tip 1 does not resolve the problem, check to make sure that Tegrity has selected your headset as the appropriate audio source. To do this, on the Tegrity Recorder dialog box, click the button labeled "Settings." Then, next to the field labeled "Default Audio Source" click the pull-down menu and select your headset as the proper audio device. Then click the button labeled" Save and Close" at the bottom of the dialog box.

Start Up Guide: Appendix

Recording Toolbars Description

Tip 1:

Below, you will find multiple images describing the Tegrity Toolbar, and how it functions.















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