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Tegrity: Sharing a video with people outside of your class.

NOTE: The faculty member in charge of the course or organization shell in which the Tegrity video resides is responsible for any and all copyright licensing and issues related to the video.  If you are unsure of the copyright restrictions and responsibilities of the video you want to share, DO NOT share the video until you know ALL copyright laws have been followed.


Sometimes, faculty members may need to share Tegrity recordings with individuals outside of those found in one of their courses.  For example, a faculty member may want to share one of their lectures with another section of the same class or a faculty member may have created a recording with instructions on how to access an academic system which they want to share with multiple courses (example: the library creating a video on how to access the online library reserves).  In situations like this, sharing the video with multiple courses would be ideal over trying to copy the video into multiple sections.

To share a video that has already been created in a course or organization, complete the following steps:

  1. Login to Blackboard and go to the course / organization which you have already created the Tegrity video in.

  2. Upon entering the class, click on Tegrity Classes on the main navigation menu to enter Tegrity.

  3. Once in Tegrity, locate the video you want to share.  Click on the check mark to the right hand side of the video you want to share.  (see image below).

  4. Once the video has been selected, roll your mouse cursor over the Recording Tasks button in the upper right hand corner and select Share Recording. (see image below)

  5. On the screen that appears, click on the checkbox that says "Do not allow anonymous users to view the recording" so that the box is UNSELECTED.  This will allow people outside of your course the ability to view the recording if they have the associated link. (see image below)

  6. With the box unselected, copy the entire URL in the URL field. (see image below)

  7. Send this URL to whoever needs it in order for that user to view it.  For example:
    • Post the URL in a section of any Blackboard Course where students would need to view the video

    • Paste the link into an email and send it to any users that would need to view the video

    • If you have multiple videos, create a Word document where paste the URLs of multiple videos and then place that Word document in a Blackboard Course or as an attachment to an email. (see image below)

  8. If you need to send a user multiple video recording, repeat steps 3-7 for EACH VIDEO that needs to be sent.


At this point, you should be good to go.  This should allow any user that needs access to a Tegrity video the ability to watch it.


NOTE: This method of sharing videos is intended to be a temporary solution to sharing videos.  This method will only be valid as long as the original Tegrity video you are sharing is not edited, moved, or deleted.  If you share a video from an old class and the Tegrity videos from that semester are eventually deleted, the link will be broken as well.  Therefore, if you intend to consistently use a video with a course over multiple semesters, you need to Copy the Video with your course rather than just share it.


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