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Tegrity: Tegrity opens when I enter my Blackboard class.

This event occurs when you delete all of the buttons in your Blackboard course menu above the Tegrity Classes button, causing that button to become your course entry point in your Blackboard course.  Luckily, this is easily resolved.

  • First, enter into your Blackboard course. 
  • Then, immediately close the separate Tegrity Classes window which opened to the forefront. 
  • Click on the Display Course Menu in a Window icon located in the upper left corner of the Blackboard course window. This will open your Blackboard course menu into a new window.
  • From this course menu, scroll down to your Control Panel, then select Customization > Teaching Style. This will open the Teaching Style page back in the primary Blackboard window pane. 
  • Scroll down to SELECT COURSE ENTRY POINT and change your course Entry Point from "Tegrity Classes" to one of the other remaining menu items, and click the Submit button.


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